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  • A Broader Audience

    Under the SEC’s new Rule 506(c) framework, companies can now generally solicit and market their offerings to a much broader audience (accredited investors).

  • Standardized Investment Data

    Equity Round provides investors with consisten and fully transparent data, including investor briefs, access to key financial data, and other information critical to making informed decisions.

  • Discover New Opportunities

    Companies listing on equity round are diverse, operating across industries ranging from energy to media to financial services. The one thing that they have in common is that they are uniquely positioned for growth.

  • Vetted By Professionals

    Our core value proposition to investors at Equity Round rests in the work undertake to ensure that listing companies are prepared and worthy of advocacy on our platform. We do the work up front, before you review the opportunity. And we make our diligence available to you in an easy-to-access, transparent format.

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